Sales Qualification Level 4

Get a UK Government Recognised Qualification from the Institute of Sales Management Our Qualifications are written by sales experts and are designed to equip you with knowledge and understanding of theories for sales and account management. They are all recognised by Ofqual, the UK examinations regulator.

​You can start at Level 4 if you meet any of these criteria:

  • You are an aspiring or practicing account manager
  • ​Your role requires you to manage other people and/or resources
  • You want to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in sales and account management
  • You want a qualification at a level equivalent to first year degree or Higher National Certificate
  • You want to be assessed on your ability to identify and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to address problems that are well defined but complex and non-routine, taking responsibility for overall courses of action and exercising autonomy and judgement within fairly broad parameters.
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Apply for this Qualification if you are a....

Sales Manager

Strategic Account Manager

Franchise Development Manager

Group Sales Manager

Inside Sales Manager


"Reinforced a lot of what already knew, but brings it together into a logical format. Helps to understand the why."


"The knowledge and understanding of customer’s drivers and how our business can engage in the right manner to work with them more effectively."


"Given me a better understanding of sales and marketing. Given me tips on how to go about sales and marketing. Increased my confidence in sales and marketing."


"It feels good to know that after 6 years selling I actually have a certified Qualification."


"Has taught me to plan and follow through with projects."

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